What is the LinkedIn Commercial Use Limit

The LinkedIn commercial use limit was put in place to prevent FREE users from using the system as if they were a recruiter looking to find candidates or a salesperson looking for prospects. We should note that the goal is to prevent this activity unless you are willing to use the paid version of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides details, noting:

“Specific activities that contribute to the limit include:

  • Searching for LinkedIn profiles on LinkedIn.com and mobile.
  • Browsing LinkedIn profiles using the People Also Viewed section located on the right rail of a profile.

These activities do not count toward the limit:

  • Searching profiles by name using the search box located at the top of every page on LinkedIn.com
  • Browsing your 1st-degree connections from the connections page.
  • Searching for jobs on the jobs page.”

The LinkedIn Commercial Use Limit makes sense as a means for driving upgrades. While LinkedIn’s language is confusing, they note that their Career and Premium Essentials products have the same commercial use limit as the base product. However, they also note that their Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter licenses have an increased limit.

In our Sales Navigator Guide, the use of saved searches provide the functionality you need to prospect or recruit successfully.

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