What is the LinkedIn SSI Score

The LinkedIn SSI score

LinkedIn defines the LinkedIn SSI Score (Social Selling Index Score) as “how effective you are at establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. It is updated daily.”

SSI is scored on a scale from 0 to 100 with 100 being the best. It is made up of four key measures, each of which have a maximum score of 25.

Establish your professional brand.

The quality of your profile, combined with the quality of the information you are sharing. Consider these areas as opportunities for improvement:

  • Does LinkedIn consider your profile complete? If not, complete it.
    • How many connections do you have? Followers?
  • How much content have you published on LinkedIn?
    • Is that content being viewed? Shared?

Find the right people.

A measure of how effectively you use the search and research tools within the product. Your ability to have people accept your connection requests at a higher percentage rate factors into this.

Engage with insight.

This metric demonstrates your ability to participate and generate meaningful conversations.

  • Participate in conversations by leaving helpful comments.
  • Write LinkedIn post and ask others to comment, share, and give you LIKEs.

Build relationships.

Measurement of your ability to connect and engage with decision-makers..

B2B sales professionals selling to Enterprise customers should use SSI as a guide. It gives you an indication of how effectively you are building awareness in this significant channel. While I cannot yet recommend a specific target number for your SSI, LinkedIn Sales Navigator indicates that:

“Sales professionals in the Computer Software industry have an average SSI of 34.”

While this feels low to me, I do not have trusted research I can point at to recommend a specific target SSI value.

What is your SSI Score?

If you have access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can find your SSI Score here.

Here is an example of the SSI Score.

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